List of 10 best sites to post free classified ads- Best ever Online Ads Posting Sites in India (in General category)

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The undisputed leading clasified site in India as the product of fastest growing classified website on the internet!

For the past two years OLX has recorded a remarkable growth rate and finally it has become number #1 classified website in India. is the best and the most popular classifieds site in India now for free online advertising and ad posting. OLX was started in 2006 and its headquartered in New York City. Its offering stiff competition to many established and popular classifieds site in India. OLX is putting great efforts to promote itself and results are favorable. It offers very simple, easy and quick ad posting for a large range of online advertising categories. OLX provides its ad posters/advertisers appealingly good interface with use of HTML link and image posting support OLX also provides ad posting opportunities for local as well as global users. You can post free ads from OLX for all the major cities in India. Registration and sign up is not compulsory. All your ads are displayed at one place so that a single user can watch multiple ads of yours. OLX is offering its classifieds services for all the states in India.Major categories for which you can post free online ads on OLX are-
For buy and sale (all types of consumer products)
Community classifieds.
Vehicles ads.
Real Estate and property related ad posting.
Classes (Computer, language, Music, dance,Tutoring classes.)
Post fast and free ads on OLX-a free advertising site with premium and featured listing option


Number one classified site for free ads posting.

Among the free classified list of 100 free ad posting top best sites, Quikr was the No. 1 best free online classifieds website in India as per Alexa and as per its popularity among ad posters till last year. Though, even at #2 position Quikr’s Alexa Rank has improved from 723 last year to 512 this year , which is a clear indication of very impressive page rank (PR5) and search engine traffic being generated to the ads posted on Thats the reason Quikr tops list of classified sites in india. is a market place for local neighborhood free advertising. You can post free as well as premium classifieds ads on Quikr. Quikr was started in 2008. It was formerly known as Kijiji.Quikr is offering ad posting opportunities over 40 major cities in India.The popular cities for ad posting on quikr are: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad,Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore.You can also take advantage of ‘highlighted ad space ’ through premium ad posting on Quikr which is cheaper than most of the classifieds in this list of classified sites in india.Through ‘move to top’ option you can push your ads on top of the list. Quikr has a great ad posting interface. Though there is one drawback that you can’t use HTML in your ad posting. Quikr also offers customer support through its successful forum/community based blog facility.Users, ad posters or advertisers can share their views, experiences and discuss their problems through Quikr’ blog facility.Quikr is trauly #2 free classified websites in india.

You can post free ads on Quikr mainly for the following categories:

Job related classifieds ads. Job wanted or Jobs offered ads.
Electronics and technology related online products.
Buy,sell, new or old Cars and Bikes.
Pets and pet care related products. Buy, sell.
Real Estate, property related free ad posting.
Home and life style centered classifieds ads.

Post free ads on Quikr-Free and paid advertising site



Post free classified ads to get leads quickly

Clickindia is the 3rd best online ad posting free local classifieds web directory site in India. ClickIndia has got a very good Global Alexa Rank as 2880 place. Clickindia provides an excellent ad posting interface to advertisers as well as seekers.You can post free ads on Clickindia without any registration or sign up required. You can post free online ads in multiple cities. Clickindia ad posting is available in all the major cities of India. It doesn’t offer much HTML support for ad posting, though you can paste a single link and upload one image per ad posting. Clickindia also provides a unique facility of ‘push your ads on top’ option. Clickindia offers ad posting for all types of advertisement, but following categories are the most popular ones for online ad posting on Clickindia-

All types of Job searching and posting.
Heavy goods, machines, and listing of dealers and suppliers.
Automotive and Vehicles- cars, bikes, etc.
Consumer goods-buy, sell.
Real estate, property.
Media and education related ads.
(Clickindia got its Alexa rank declined from 1527 last year to 2880 this year)
Post free ads on Clickindia-a totally free advertising site


#4 Locanto
Local classified site with global presence

Locanto classifieds websites was launched in 2006. Its a German ad posting website, though its very popular around the world including India as an absolutely free classifieds site. In recent years the popularity graph of Locanto has moved up impressively, due to its user friendly ad posting interface, full HTML support for ad posting, wide range of listings and categories available for ad posting. Locanto is a very famous classifieds site among advertisers as well as ad watcher/seekers in India.You can post unlimited ads for different countries and cities location around the world for any type of product.In India Locanto has its most users from metro cities includin: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. You can post free ads on Locanto based on images and HTML links for the following main categories:

Post free community ads
Post classifieds as present events notifications.
Post free classifieds ads to promote coaching and tuition classes ( for many educational courses related)
“Post free ads” for personal spaces -matrimonial ads, friendship ads, personal services ads)
Post classifieds ads to buy sell Pets
Post free ads to sale old new vehicles ( heavy, light)
Post an ad in job category (Interviews opportunities, counseling, job postings)
Post free classifieds ads for “real estate business” , “property business” “to let” ads.
Post free classifieds to promote your “personal services”, “professional services” or “business services”.

Post free ads on Locanto-Free advertising site with premium featured ad posting option.

The big daddy of all classifieds sites over the whole Internet world

Craigslist is the world’s most popular and No.1 free classifieds site.It presents you very simple, easy, fast, fully HTML supported ad posting opportunities. All that free of cost.

Craigslist is a high Google page rank classifieds site with a Global Alexa rank as 36.You can post ad related to any item under the sun.Though Craigslist also used to receive lot of criticism due to a lot of spam being posted on it. But, recently Craigslist has taken strict steps to tackle spam posting and has succeeded in it to some extent.
If you are looking to get a lot of page views, web traffic to your website or blog, you should try Craigslist without trying to spam it.
Post free ads on Craigslist-a free advertising site which is the #1 and most prominent classified in all sense 

#6 Adsglobe

Adsglobe is one among the major classifieds site in India.Its popular for all types of buy/sell and consumer products ads. You can post free online ads in all states and major cities in India from Adsglobe. It offers you full support for Image and HTML links. You can post both types of ads- free and paid. You can post free ads for the following main categories-Buy/sell, Jobs, Community related ads, Property, Health related, Autos, Local community, local events, and B2B ads.
Post free ads on Indian classified Adsglobe

#7 Indialist

Indialist is a very popular free classifieds site in India. Indialist is based on ads listings. It offers ads display of more than 25 different category listings. Indialist is nicely organized and managed classifieds listings site. The unique concept of Indialist is that you can also post ads in many of available newspapers of any city directly from Indialist’s web interface. It also has got good page rank and Alexa rank in India. Your ads posted on Indialist get exclusive page views from across the country. You can post free ads for any state, city in India.
Post free ads on Indialist for several listings

#8 Meramaal

Meramaal is a fully Indian ad posting site headquartered in Mumbai and it was launched in 2008 .Though, its a quite new ad posting site compared to other top 10 best online classifieds site, but its rapidly gaining popularity among its users( Global Alexa Rank-36800).You can post ‘quick ads’ on Meramaal for 80+ cities in India. Meramaal also has blog and forum based dedicated support to online advertisers.Go on to Meramaal to post free ads in commonly available categories like other classifieds site.
Post free indian listings on Meramaal

#9 is a free online typical Indian ad posting classifieds site.Its mainly popular for job postings.Though, you need to update your ads to get it to the top to receive better responses. It has this unique feature of job posting where you can post a job fair or bulk job ‘walk-in’ ads for free of cost. It also supports use of some HTML features. Clickin has a nicely built ad posting features and interface. As with other online ad sites it also has some common ad posting categories, such as : Buy/sell, Jobs, Property, Real Estate, Consumer products, other services. Clickin has got very impressive Global Alexa Rank as 4423. If you are considering to post free ads to promote your website or blog then don’t miss to post free ads on this great one among the top 10 classifieds sites in India.
Add free classified ads for Pan India

#10 Kugli is surely among the best top 10 best classifieds sites in India and you can post free ads for many of available categories.Kugli is a neighborhood local classifieds offering site. Kugli provides several ad posting facility including, use of image and HTML.Kugli is a free classifieds as well as International business networking site .You can post ads of buy and sell, Real estate, Jobs, Cars & Vehicles, Pets & Animals, Services. Kugli uploads fast and easy to navigate. It has good traffic, page rank as well as better Global Alexa rank (17900).
Post ads for all indian cities on Kugli –

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