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How To Get Approval Google Adsense Account Without Website or Blog via YOUTUBE New Way 2017

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The steps are fairly simple and if followed exactly, you’ll usually be approved for an Adsense account within a few hours.

Since the above screen cap from Google leaves out a few clicks, you might want to use these guide.


  1. Log into Gmail account
  2. Log into YouTube channel
  3. Go to YouTube Monetization Page
  4. In Montetization tab, click ‘Enable My Account’
  5. Accept the terms and conditions in the pop up
  6. A page opens where you can click on ‘Monetize’ button. Click it.
  7. After you have uploaded at least three videos and have views on those videos . . .
  8. Go to YouTube Monetization Page
  9. Find ‘How will I get paid’ and click on it.
  10. Click on ‘Associate a Adsense Account’ link
  11. On the next screen, submit your YouTube Channel
  12. Click on “Continue”
  13. Wait a couple of hours and you should get an approval email

There is a video showing the above steps, but it was made by someone in Pakistan and doesn’t include an audio explanation so its value is somewhat limited. Still, if you follow the above steps you should be able to get Adsense approved for your YouTube channel.

Refer to the above video if you get stuck.


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