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An Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a small and completely invisible device that can be installed in your vehicle. When the system is activated, you need to enter a pin number that you have defined by the user to deactivate the system. After disarming the system, you can switch on your vehicle by pressing one of the buttons on the dashboard. The system will prevent you from starting your car without the proper code. The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is simple and secure.

TASSA Approved

The TASSA Approved Ghost Immobiliser for Police and Insurance Companies is designed to identify vehicles. It is a system that is recorded and stored on the TASSA database. It also has an QR code for fingerprints that is positioned on the chassis and other high-value parts of the vehicle. It makes it simple for investigating officers to identify the car owner. The TASSA Approved Ghost Immobiliser for Autowatch is offered by Sussex Installations, a member of TASSA.

To use the Ghost vehicle, it must be TASSA approved. TASSA is a new authority for the vehicle security industry. They test products for vehicle security to ensure that they are efficient and safe. TASSA also requires the installation company to be registered with them and that technicians have been through identity and CRB checks. You can apply for a service that is TASSA-approved to install the Ghost in your car in March 2020.

TASSA has endorsed the Ghost for its effectiveness in preventing theft and it does this by securing your vehicle from many common forms of theft. The Autowatch Ghost II offers advanced security that fights key theft and key cloning which makes it a great option for those who are concerned about their vehicles’ security. It is also designed so that a stolen vehicle won’t be able to start without the correct pin code. This means that the autowatch Ghost immobiliser is nearly impossible to disable, and it is not scanned by any advanced RF scanning technology.

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is an effective vehicle security device that communicates with your vehicle’s CAN bus to prevent key copying. The Ghost is programmed with the buttons of your vehicle and connects to the CAN bus data network. It is compatible with a variety of automobiles which makes it an efficient security solution for your car. The Autowatch Ghost can be installed at your car’s location through approved TASSA installation companies.

It is simple to install

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is simple to install and will generate a unique PIN code to ensure your car’s security. You can make use of the steering wheel’s buttons to select a code that will be generated each time you start the vehicle. It won’t reveal the code prior to time and won’t reveal the identity of your car. The system is simple to install, and the PIN code can be changed at anytime. You can also use a customised Emergency PIN code that you can change at any time. This feature will stop attempts to replace the ECU or key copying.

This simple-to-install autowatch ghost immobiliser is an CAN Data Bus-compatible system. It communicates with your vehicle’s ECU in order to turn off the ignition in the event of inserting an unauthorised key. Since it’s inaccessible to many people, the immobiliser will not be detected by the vehicle’s diagnostic tool, which would mean that unauthorised people can’t steal your car. This is a smart choice that you shouldn’t make.

The autowatch ghost price Ghost immobiliser is compatible with all kinds of vehicles. It works with CAN Data Networks so it can be installed almost everywhere in your vehicle. It requires a special PIN to work, and you may enter it on the steering wheel, on door panels, or the centre console. You can select between 20 and 20 numbers for the PIN. When installing the system, be sure you have an adequate amount of space.

The Autowatch Ghost-II is an advanced immobiliser that uses the latest technology to safeguard your vehicle. You can download the iPhone app and connect to your car from anywhere. This app works with Ghost-II, Ghost for cars, and other Autowatch products. It’s easy to install Ghost-II. Ghost-II makes it easy to install and remove your vehicle from the threat of theft.


The Uncoverable Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is an innovative car alarm system that makes use of the latest technology to secure your car. With the help of an application, you can drive your car without disarming it. The app can only work with Ghost-II phones. If you’re having difficulty connecting your device to your phone, ghost For Car get help from an expert. You’ll have to pay a lot to have it repaired.

The system employs a buttons and pin codes which are present in the majority of cars to block access into your vehicle. Once installed, the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser will prevent your car from being started without the correct pin code. This safeguards you from car thieves who use clones to rob cars. Even jamming devices cannot affect the Autowatch Ghost. It is almost impossible to eradicate because it is so strong.

The Autowatch Ghost Imobiliser is the most advanced vehicle security system. It safeguards your vehicle from key theft and cloning which means that no one will be able to steal your car without your consent. If the owner loses their keys, the system deters thieves and allows them to take your keys. This system is particularly effective in stopping vehicle thefts which result in the owner losing their keys. This system makes it difficult for thieves to gain access to your car without your keys. It is only possible to tow the car away.


The TASSA Approved TASSA Ghost Immobiliser safeguards your vehicle without having to cut wires, key fobs or other alarms sold by aftermarket. This patent-pending technology operates by connecting your vehicle to the CAN Data Network and programming an individual pin code. The device comes with a unique PIN code that allows only you to gain access to the vehicle. It works with all major brands of vehicles, including Audi and BMW, Ford, Honda and Nissan, Mercedes, and many more.

The Ghost car immobiliser can be installed nearly anywhere on your vehicle. It is small and weatherproof. It communicates with the vehicle’s ECU and PIN codes to prevent theft. The Ghost can be positioned in a garage, open parking lot, or any other place it is possible to hide. It comes with installation and aftercare services. It is suitable for ghost for car use in public parking places and garages where unauthorized individuals are not allowed access to the vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost is very effective in securing your vehicle from theft. It is easily installed anywhere. The Ghost utilizes a unique pin that can be entered via the steering wheel as well as the door panels or the centre console. The Ghost can accept up to 20 numbers in PINs. The device’s CAN data bus connectivity also ensures low risk during installation and also a lower chance of being detected. Unlike traditional immobiliser relays, the Ghost is based on the CAN data bus, allowing it to be used almost anywhere inside a vehicle.

Another weatherproof immobiliser is the Ghost 2. It’s a small device that can communicate directly with the ECU via the data bus, making it perfect for vehicles where a key cannot be found. The Ghost immobiliser is also utilized with a variety of other smart phones. For example, the Ghost is compatible with iOS and Android phones and also with all Autowatch’s products.

Unique PIN code

The Autowatch Ghost is a simple but highly sophisticated device that will protect your car without key fobs or alarms from the aftermarket. The device can be programmed with your vehicle’s CAN Data Network to create your personal PIN number. As opposed to other types of immobilisers, the Ghost For car is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Currently, it is compatible with BMW, Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Mercedes and Nissan.

The Autowatch Ghost II uses the latest technology to safeguard your car. It comes with an application for your smartphone that allows you to unlock your vehicle without having to press a button PIN. The application is secure and communicates via encrypted data with the Ghost Immobiliser. This makes it impossible for ghost for car anyone to steal your unique PIN code. The Autowatch ghost ii immobiliser also provides you with a number of safe ways to disable the device. You can use the accelerator pedal code to dearm the device, or download the Autowatch Ghost Mobile App, to allow others to do the same.

The Autowatch Ghost is one of the most advanced vehicle immobilisers available on the market. The Ghost is not able to be hackable, unlike other devices. It is secured by an unique PIN number that the owner has created. In order to bypass the immobiliser, it requires a physical tow from the vehicle. It is recommended that you use a registered TASSA company to install a ghost immobiliser on your car.

You can alter the code within minutes if you have a ghost ii immobiliser immobiliser in your car. As long as you have the pin code that was originally used. This will keep your vehicle from being stolen. Changing the PIN code is also simple if want to, and you can change it at any time you want to. The Ghost immobiliser can be used across a wide range of areas, including Manchester, Oldham and the surrounding areas.

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